Stock Play Method That Is Suitable For Beginner Investors Newcomer

investors or those who just want to plunge into stock investments, should know about playing methods The best penny stock app. It is intended that this large investment of risk can create cuan alias profit in the future. It’s nothing, without a thorough description, this investment can make you stubborn. Large shares of risk because on the one hand, investors can face losses in the form of capital loss.

But on the other hand, investors can also reap profits of up to 20 percent or more throughout the year thanks to shares. Whew, if the profit of playing 20 percent of shares, increasingly tempted not to invest in shares? For those of you who are interested in trying, let’s first understand the method of playing shares that are convenient for newcomers. Certainly, you will benefit in a flash and this is also the procedure for learning good stocks for sure.

  1. Securities selection for a small transaction

fee When before we discuss about the method of playing stocks in depth, know in advance that the securities industry or stock brokers are many. Transaction fees charged to investors also vary from one security to another. Wait, what does the transaction fee mean? In stock investments, we are required to open impact accounts (customer fund accounts) facilitated by these securities companies. After the account is made, we must top up our money to the impact account. Money in such impact accounts will later play a role as e-money. With money like that you can buy shares that you want online. Well, the “transaction fee” which means the purchase and sale of shares. This payment will be a source of income for the relevant brokerage industry. You name it, there are securities that practice a fee of 0, 19 percent for purchases and 0, 29 percent for sales. There are also 0, 15 percent of purchases and 0, 20 sales, and so forth. If the costs get smaller, so investors will also benefit, right? But that does not mean that large costs are not worthy of selection. It could be that their service to customers is even better and the application is also good. After knowing which securities you are aiming for, all you have to do is prepare the relevant documents to open an account.

  1. Don’t be stingy but don’t go too far

After your securities account has been completed and the trading application is already on the laptop, surely the next task is to top up or transfer funds to the impact account.

Sometimes, not a few of us are still doubtful or worried about running out of money in this investment. Take it easy, you can start a stock investment with a budget of Rp. 5 thousand you know? Because, there are many stocks that cost only IDR 50 silver per share.

Now, in a stock transaction, we understand the lot unit, where one lot consists of 100 shares. If the price per share is only Rp. 50, the price of one lot is only multiplied by 100, aka Rp. 5,000.

But is it true that with a small change, you can profit until you become crazy rich? Of course not, everything that creates profits certainly has risks, work in industry also has risks.

Therefore, choosing a nominal that feels will make you happy when you gain 1 percent. But, make sure you don’t use all your money.

Just apply the wise method of playing stocks using 10 percent of the total cash in your account. With notes, it did not come from emergency funds. Every month, live up to 10 percent of funds from monthly income to buy shares.

By storing large amounts of money, cuannya of course too large. But when the stock prices go down again, the losses you experience are also great.

What do you want to do, the level of patience of newcomer investors is definitely not as good as high-class investors. Face losses in stock investments that are normal, but don’t make losses that make you poor after that day.

  1. Stock selection in the LQ45 or IDX30 index

The stock index issued by the Indonesian Impact Exchange is actually a statistical dimension of price movement changes from a group of shares, selected based on certain criteria.

Well, right in April 2019, there were 22 stock indexes on the IDX. So as not to worry, just select stocks that are incorporated in the LQ45 index or IDX30.

Shares in the index have a very large liquidity. Not only that the company’s fundamentals are also considered good. Shares that enter the indexes are also often referred to as blue chips.

Surely, sorting out shares in these two indices can be a very convenient method of playing stocks right? Instead of dizzy looking at input here and there, better acquaintance with the row of shares in these two indices.